commissions open ~

[email protected]


Please read the Terms of Service first before sending any request.

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  • Come in 3 sizes (112x, 56, 28)

1 emote$20
3 emotes$45
6 emotes$80
  • sub badge examples coming soon!


  • 50% for each additional character

  • All art comes with a simple BG (solid colors, gradients, patterns, simple shapes/textures)

  • Max 3 characters (Inquire for pricing for 4+ characters)

Type 1 - lineart

Type 2 - lineless

  • no sketch/flats option, only comes fully coloured

  • rendering is experimental with each product


prices are the same for both types!

terms of service

will drawwon't draw
Feminine/Cute figuresHeavily masculine/Elderly/Wrinkles
Fanart/OCsMecha/Heavy Armor
Lewd/Mild NSFWExplicit NSFW
Fictional/Real PeopleHeavy Gore
Fictional ShipsReal People Ships
Solid CLR/Gradient/Shapes BGHeavy perspective/Complex BGs


  • I accept commissions through Twitter or email [email protected].

  • You must be 18 years or older to order.

  • I reserve the right to refuse your commission for any reason.

  • I only accept commissions with visual references provided - I do not work with AI generated images.

  • I may take 1-3 days to respond to your request.

  • I usually stream the process, if you don't want this for your commission please let me know as soon as possible.

art usage

  • All artwork is PERSONAL USE only + you must credit me when posting online.

  • Please inquire for commercial usage.

  • I do not condone the use of my art for the selling of NFTs or for the use of AI training/databases.

  • Do not edit the original artwork + claim art as your own.

  • I retain copyright and ownership of my work.

payment info

  • All payments will be done through USD.

  • I accept payments through Paypal only.

  • All payments are upfront.


  • I only start the artwork once I have received the payment.

  • I will make minor revisions for free + any major revisions will cost extra depending on the complexity of the request.

delivery Info

  • Finished product will be uploaded on a Google Drive folder.

  • Turnaround time is about 2 weeks to 2 months for any illustration or emote batch. These estimates may change depending on quantity of the order + the complexity of the design.

  • For any reason that an extension is needed due to personal/external factors, the commissioner will be notified immediately.

if you have any other questions please let me know through Twitter/Email!

order form

This order form is required for any commission request. I will not accept any commission that does not follow this template.If you are sending through email please state "Commission for Miso Buns" in the subject header.

  1. Name: What I refer you as, does not need to match your paypal name!

  2. Paypal Address: [For Invoices]

  3. Order type: Style 1 / Style 2 -- Bust / Half-body / Full Body -- Sketch / Flat / Rendered

  4. References: Please provide multiple references of your character! Text descriptions alongside images are optional but always helpful. I will not work without visual references.

  5. Background: Transparent / colours / shapes / any specific elements, etc.

  6. Optional: Any other questions, inquires or ideas (poses, outfits, expressions) you'd like to share.

Please send the filled out template to either Twitter or my email [email protected]